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Viral Tiktok songs: TikTok, the most famous platform for short videos, keeps bringing waves of viral hits every week. These songs have everything from catchy hooks to beats that set the soundtrack for countless user-generated videos.

We are sharing with you all the top viral songs that have captured the hearts and ears of TikTok users around the world.

In this article, we have included all the trending TikTok songs of the week for you. On which you can also make TikTok videos and make your video viral.

Trending Tiktok Songs April 2024

1. Make You Mine (Put Your Hand in Mine)

  • Artist: Madison Beer
  • Album/Release Date: Single (March 2023)
  • Genre: Pop
  • Lyrics: “I-I-I Wanna feel, feel, feel
    Wanna taste, taste, taste
    Wanna get you goin… ” I-I-I
    Wanna lay, lay, lay
    Wanna string, string, string
    Wanna make you mine.
  • TikTok Trend: The song exploded on TikTok with a series of heartwarming videos featuring couples, friends, and even pets holding hands.

2. i like the way you kiss me

  • Artist: Artemas
  • Album/Release Date: i like the way you kiss me (remixes) (March 2024)
  • Genre: Alternative/Indie
  • Lyrics: “I like the way you kiss me, I can tell you miss me…” This catchy tune is perfect for showing your significant other some love.
  • TikTok Trend: From romantic slow-motion montages to playful dance challenges, “i like the way you kiss me” has taken over TikTok with its infectious energy.

3. Tshwala Bam (feat. S.N.E, EeQue)

  • Artist: DJ Maphorisa
  • Album/Release Date: I Am DJ Maphorisa (2023)
  • Genre: Amapiano (South African House subgenre)
  • Lyrics: Ungavumi, Ungavumi
    Ungavumi, Ungavumi Ungavumi…… Bathe Icala lami
    Kufike uMongameli, 
  • TikTok Trend: Tshwala Bam took off with a variety of dance challenges, from solo moves to intricate group routines.

4. Beautiful Things (Sped Up)

  • Artist: BENSON BOONE
  • Album/Release Date: Single (2023)
  • Genre: Pop, Rock
  • Lyrics: “There’s beauty in the breakdown…” This introspective song is getting a whole new life on TikTok in its sped-up version.
  • TikTok Trend: The sped-up version of Beautiful Things is being used for a range of videos, from self-love affirmations to comedic skits.


  • Artist: BEYONCÉ
  • Album/Release Date: RENAISSANCE (Feb 2024)
  • Genre: Pop, R&B (Genre speculation based on BEYONCÉ’s past work)
  • Lyrics: This ain’t Texas (Woo)
    Ain’t no hold ’em (Hey)
    So lay your cards down, down, down, down
  • TikTok Trend: With just a short clip circulating, using the snippet in reaction and dance videos.

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